Claudia and Iris met in Vegas in February 2012. Claudia moved from Germany and won the Green Card Lottery (talk about luck!). Iris lived in California and frequented Vegas to visit friends. Since the two met they lived and worked in Australia, Thailand, and now settled in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

"Always reminiscing about their travels, they decided to follow their hearts and create a business that allows them to work digitally from anywhere and use their expertise to connect people from around the globe."

When creating Timeless Cruising, Iris and Claudia thought a lot about what they’d like to offer that sets them apart from other travel experts. Undoubtedly it’s their ability to create a personalized travel experience that clients envision when they take the time off to escape the daily grind. They discovered that there is a need for travel catered to the Lesbian community which integrates a strong sense of culture, exploration, the creation and capturing of lasting memories, and forming meaningful relationships for years to come. Their unique backgrounds bring diversity and individual perspective to their travel business.

Iris, born in Texas and raised in California. Her first international travel began later in life at the ripe age of 30 when she and Claudia moved to Australia to do some soul searching. They had the humbling opportunity to live with an Australian family.
In the course of her travels, she ventured to Thailand, Fiji, and Tahiti and has worked aboard cruise ships in the Caribbean bringing along her unique globe-trotting experience.
Having a background in IT and majoring in Business, she has an entrepreneurial spirit and found a passion connecting with people through travel. Iris loves exploring new places, meeting new people of all backgrounds, learning about different cultures, and indulging in local delicacies.  

Fun Facts

I never leave home without… My Nikon Camera
You always return home with… A new view of the world. As a keepsake, I collect shot glasses so wherever I go I pick one up along the way.
My best travel advice is… Keep an open mind and try new things!

Claudia Heasdshot.jpg

Claudia, born and raised in East Germany is an enthusiastic traveler, having visited over 108 countries to date! She has worked in boutique hotels all around the world and aboard small, luxury cruise ships for 3.5 years.
Her wanderlust has taken her to exotic destinations like Zanzibar, Tanzania where she lived alongside Maasai warriors and local villagers. Claudia’s adventures allowed her to attend some of the finest events along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline and tread the remote serene waters like the Arctic where she worked on Silversea’s first expedition ship, MV Prince Albert II, witnessing Polar bears in their natural habitat.
She has captured the world’s finest beauty allowing her to cultivate her experience, connecting with people globally and sharing it with her clients.

Fun Facts

The best thing to do in your hometown... I am from a small town called Erfurt in East Germany. There are many hidden gems, but I particularly love our medieval Christmas market and traditional gothic cathedral, which illuminates beautifully in the dark!
My best travel advice is... Travel with an open heart! There is so much to see and learn wherever you go so don’t rush it and get to know the locals.
You always return home with... A piece of jewelry made by local artists! I have a good collection of brass bracelets from Africa and precious stones from the south of France.