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5 Things You Must Know When Chartering Your Own Boat


4.Know when to go

Okay, this is an obvious one, but just think outside of the box when choosing your location and season for your trip. Charters are a lot less during shoulder season, which means you could save thousands of dollars and won’t have to fight for a docking spot at popular islands.  Visitor numbers easily triple during July and August in the Mediterranean.  Do yourself a favor and explore later in the season when the temperatures are near perfect and the streets aren’t clogged up by excess tourists! 

5. Slow down…

A charter is a wonderful opportunity to relax and unplug.  Many people we work with have never experienced the level of relaxation that comes with being on a boat for a week.  Depending on your route, you will spend a fair share of time traveling at sea.  This is a great chance to get some sun on the deck, enjoy aperitifs with your group, or simply watch the waves go by. Truly, a charter is a really great way to slow down from the noise that surrounds us 24/7!  By the time you return from you trip, you’ll be more refreshed than ever!

1. Know your friends and the dynamic of the group

We cannot emphasize this one enough… One week can feel like a month when your group dynamics are off.  There is nowhere to escape on a boat, so be smart and picky about who you’re inviting on your private charter.  If you’re the one organizing it, make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of cost, itinerary, and expectations. Even the most detailed travel plans end up having a few curve balls here and there, so invite positive, flexible folks that you generally love being around!

2. Know exactly what you are paying for upfront

Let’s talk more about cost!  Each charter company will have their own terms and conditions. Yes- this means that you’ll have to read the fine print and ask what’s included in your charter cost. Advanced Provisioning Costs (APA) might require a hefty deposit before you even step foot on the boat.  APA costs often cover fuel, crew food, docking fees and other miscellaneous expenses. Typically motor yachts have higher APAs compared to sailing yachts or catamarans.

3. Understand that you may not make it to every place on your list

Flexibility is key when considering a private charter, because weather patterns can change in an instant and you might not make it to that island you dreamed of for the past 6 months. Your skipper will know best when it’s safe to go certain routes and the distances that are realistic for the length of your trip!

Still have questions about organizing a private charter? Shoot us an email, we got you!